Toys & Household Items Charity Giveaway


Being a Caring Company, Excel continues to support community and philanthropy initiatives. To give a hand to needy people who are in need of household items and toys as well as to help recycling, Excel organized a "Toys & Household Items Charity Giveaway" activity in Hong Kong for the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service of Hong Kong, a social service ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong, in April 2004.

With overwhelming response and caring hearts of the Excellers, the one-month charity activity finished successfully. As a result, more than 8 good-sized cartons of new and used household items and toys were collected. These items included a variety of functional or decorative housewares, kitchenware, electric appliances, stationery, plush toys and dolls, watch and accessories, and many more.

The collected donations were given to the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service of Hong Kong in early May and to be distributing among their various service units for the children, youth, elderly, mentally handicapped, and special groups such as new arrivals and unemployed.


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