August 14, 2000


Immediate Release



Excel Technology, Sun Microsystems, And Sybase Joined Hands In Delivering
"Effective Medical Insurance System For The New Millennium" Seminar On August 8, 2000


Excel Technology (stock code 8048), Sun Microsystems, and Sybase joined hands in delivering a half-day seminar titled, " Effective Medical Insurance System for the New Millennium". The seminar was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on August 8, 2000.

In the seminar, Excel's latest medical insurance application, @Surance was introduced to the insurance delegates. Supported by Sun Microsystems hardware and Sybase's operating platform, @Surance is a comprehensive solution catering for the present day demanding medical insurance requirements thus reducing heavy administrative work. @Surance also uses the state of the art internet technology to enable effective customer and claims management.

During the event, warm welcome speeches were given by Ms. Peggy Chan, Mr. Danny Tam and Mr. Anthony Lam, the management of Excel, Sun Microsystems, and Sybase. Ms. Chan also highlighted the launch of iClaims21 in November, the Application Service Provider (ASP) service of medical claims offered by i21, Excel's associate ASP company. A special guest, the chairman of HIH Insurance (Asia) Limited, was also presented and shared his insights of Insurance industry trend and HIH/Excel insurance system project with the audience.

The seminar was a success and well received, with a great arrival of delegates from the insurance industry. The seminar ended in a great response and favorable feedback from the audience.

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