December 12, 2000

Immediate Release



Excel Technology Wins Microsoft Award

The "Microsoft Asia E-Commerce Solution Of The Year" Honour


(Hong Kong - December 12, 2000) - Excel Technology International (Hong Kong) Limited ('Excel Technology'), the 100% owned subsidiary of Excel Technology International Holdings Limited ('Group' and stock code: 8048) announced today that the Group was honored to receive the "Microsoft Asia E-Commerce Solution of the Year" Award.

The Award was presented to Excel Technology at the Microsoft Asia Fusion 2000 held in Singapore in October, 2000. The Award is to recognize Asia's most outstanding and innovative E-Commerce Solution developed on Microsoft technologies.

True to Excel Technology's innovative spirit, the award-winning iHR21 solution has represented a breakthrough in utilizing the Microsoft platform to embody sophisticated ASP functions.

Mr. Herman Lam, Director, Partner Business Group at Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd. said, "The E-Commerce Award is to reward to the best solution which is proven to possess the elements of innovation, successful implementation and business benefit. We are thrilled to see a local partner to win this regional award amongst all the nominations in the Asia region. Excel Technology's iHR21 award-winning solution has integrated the legacy systems together with innovative Internet solutions which can indeed help the customers to make the best out of their IT investments."

iHR21 solution was specially designed to allow corporations to manage their human resources, payroll, Mandatory Contribution Fund (MPF) and other provident fund contributions on-line with the banks. The iHR21 solution had proven that large number of users can effectively and efficiently manage mission critical applications with many counterparties over a wide geographical area.

Ms. Peggy Chan, Chairman and CEO of Excel Technology, said, "We have a solid business partnership with Microsoft Hong Kong and we are so excited to receive such an honourable award from this valuable business partner."

"The Microsoft technology platform is the most reliable, innovative and popular platform worldwide. Based on Microsoft technology, we can develop solutions and deliver our E-Commerce software to all of our customers in the Asia Pacific region. After the development of iHR21 solution, we will continue to roll out other innovative e-Solutions utilizing the Microsoft platform. These include eSAM, an electronic supply chain management system tailored for the retail business and payments with the banks." Ms. Chan continued.

Ms. Chan concluded, "In the future, we will further strengthen our cooperative relationship with Microsoft Hong Kong and bring the Asia E-Commerce world to new heights."

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