July 20, 2000


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(Hong Kong, 20 July, 2000) - The Internet Application Service Provider (ASP) and financial information portal SE Global Equities Co. Ltd. ("SEG") today announced the official launch of its online platform www.seglobal.com in Hong Kong and its strategic alliances with one of Hong Kong's most renowned securities brokers, Tai Fook Securities Company Limited ("Tai Fook Securites") . Tai Fook will form part of SEG's global partners broker network.

SEG is an Internet portal that aims to link over 100 brokerage firms from over 50 stock exchanges by establishing alliances within each exchange. SEG offers distinct B2B and B2C solutions to both retail and institutional customers. Through SEG's unique platform, investors from all around the world will be able to trade in particular markets. The partner brokers will handle the transactions, and SEG will provide technology and marketing fees for delivering the orders. SEG works to compliment partner brokers, dedicating its effort to advertising, marketing, and providing detailed information and content to potential investors from abroad. SEG will also post research reports from its partner brokers from their respective countries.


Tai Fook Securities will be SEG's partner broker in Hong Kong, where SEG's corporate finance and web hosting head office is based. With the alliance, Tai Fook Securities will be able to capture investors from abroad. SEG's aggressive global marketing campaign will also help to promote SEG's partner brokering services to overseas investors as securities trading takes on a global perspective.


Mr. Toby Chu, President and Chief Executive Officer of SEG said, " It is our strategy to form alliances with reputable brokers who have a strong standing in their respective countries. Tai Fook Securities has a well-established local client base and delivers high degree of professionalism. What is important is that we share the same vision in global investment opportunities. Our unique business model aims to bridge the gap between investors and brokers by providing a one-stop venue for global investment."


"Our target investors include overseas immigrants, travelling executives and expatriates who tend to stick with investments in their home countries, and day traders, speculators and other investors who are constantly looking for global investment opportunities."


SEG possesses a number of advantages over on-line broker companies, as it incurs no market entry costs, no license fee and low back office expenses. For a typical on-line broker, these costs can amount to as much as 40% of the total costs, leaving a very tight budget for marketing campaigns. In addition, SEG allows access to emerging markets where on-line trading is not yet available.


Mr. Peter Y.H. Wong, Director of Tai Fook Securities commented, "We are delighted to establish this alliance with SEG. As part of this global on-line brokerage network, Tai Fook Securities is set to seize the opportunities arising from the growing trend in overseas investments. SEG not only has a sound business model, but also an experienced management team and sophisticated infrastructure. We will work closely with SEG and I am confident that this will be a fruitful partnership."


The main source of revenue for SEG will be generated through membership an technology service fees incorporated in broker charges. Other revenue sources include selling advertising space to financial institutions and the provision of membership services to both retail and institutional clients. The portal will also carry data feeds, stock quotes as well as breaking global and local market news from Reuters, the world's leading financial and information news Group.


Toby Chu relates, "In 1999, over 1.23 billion transactions were executed globally and by mid 1999, nearly 50% of securities trading in the US was placed via the Internet. The market for global on-line trading is largely untapped and potential is very high. The implications of a broker partnership with SEG are therefore enormous as it brings investors from all round the world to our partner brokers' doorstep."


The Company is using trading software known as InterTrade, one of the 10 enterprise software products developed by Excel Technology, offering state of the art multi-channel, multi-market on line stock trading function. SEG's portal is equipped with 128 bit encryption under license from the US, ensuring the highest level of encryption security.


Ms. Peggy Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Excel Technology said, "We are glad to be the technology partner of SEG as it demonstrates our ability to provide user friendly and yet secure internet trading solutions to our clients. As a leading business application solutions provider in Hong Kong, we are committed to offering the best tailor-made solutions. We believe that our state-of-the-art trading software InterTrade is a perfect fit for SEG's business model, and we look forward to opening up new frontiers in global on-line trading with SEG."


SEG has formed strategic alliance with brokers from 15 stock markets in the past 90 days, with over 70 brokers under active negotiation covering a geographical region of 40+ countries, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. The goal is to form alliance with partner brokers from at least 50 stock markets totalling 100 partner brokers in these countries.

The established alliance network includes:

Hong Kong
United States
Shanghai (China)
Sri Lanka
Shenzhen (China)


Markets under active negotiation:

Asia: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea & Taiwan
Middle East: Dubai, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, & Qatar
Europe: Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, Brussels, France, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, & South Africa.
Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, & Mexico


It is the Company's vision to initially enter the emerging markets of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa followed by markets such as the US and Western Europe. Other financial instruments, including Futures, Options and Bonds will be added to the Company's service list at a later stage.


Mr. Chu concluded, "By the end of this year, global securities transactions will reach 1.4 billion. In response to the formation of GEM (Global Equity Market), and in addition to the mergers with the UK and Deutsche Boerse, SEG plans to continue to expand its broker network, to compliment these developments.

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