Our Edtech Products

Net Fun

Net Fun is a creative education technology (Edtech) provider based in Greater China and a member of the Excel group of companies. Net Fun believes that the world is a classroom, and “Fun Learning” is the root to spark creativity, critical thinking and inquisitive attitude in children.

The Net Fun e-Learning platform makes learning fun by engaging students with videos, games, quizzes, challenges, and awards. Students will want to come back and learn with other students. At Net Fun, we network students, teachers and parents to complete the Learning Triangle to support learning at home with guided lessons and progress reporting.

Powered by 3P Learning

The Net Fun e-Learning platform is supported by the renowned 3P Learning products – Mathletics and ReadiWriter. These products are aligned with international curriculum (IB) and a range of countries’ curricula (US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ, SG, HK) to expose students to international learning style and prepare them to go abroad.

Net Fun