Our Hrtech Products

An associated company of Excel, HR21 is a leading human resource solution and service provider catering to the needs of companies of all sizes in Hong Kong. HR21 offers a suite of HR and payroll software to help the companies to manage their HR, payroll, MPF, benefits and other HR-related tasks more efficiently and effectively.  As part of its total HR solutions and services, HR21 offers professional and quality value-added services in HR consulting, payroll and staff recruitment outsourcing. We have a team of experienced professional to provide customer service to our customers by phone and email support.

HR Product Suite Targets for Hong Kong

HR21 has a full suite of products that can meet the different needs of companies in Hong Kong in human resources management, including payroll, leave, MPF contributions, and various HR functions. HR21 has 20 years’ of experience serving thousands of customers in Hong Kong. Our customers are from different walks of business, covering retail, logistics, finance, insurance, bank, education, IT, and NGO.

Our products are web-based and can produce payroll and MPF instructions ready for submission electronically to major banks and trustees.

HR-Lite2 – the Human Resources Management System

HR-Lite2 is flexible while easy to set up and maintain.

Core functions include:
–  Employee Information maintenance
–  Payroll, MPF processing
–  Automatic generation of IR56B, E, F, G forms and  
     IR56M form for non-incorporated service providers
–  Benefit Administration
–  Leave Administration

Add-on advanced functions include:
–  Company Portal
–  Employee Self-service
–  Time & Attendance
–  Rostering

HR-eLite – the Payroll/MPF Processing System

HR-eLite provides functions for SME in Hong Kong to handle their employee records, leave management, payroll, MPF contribution, and taxation reporting needs. Supports automatic generation of IR56B, IR56E, IR56F, IR56G forms.

EZ-Pay – Partnership Product

EZ-Pay is the Payroll/MPF Processing System for HSBC and HASE Bank customers. Clients can conveniently submit autopay instruction to the bank electronically through our eGateway platform.

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